Jennifer K.

"I had recently married and was moving me and my children into my Husband's home about 40 miles from our house.  My grandmother had helped me purchase our current home a number of years ago.  It needed extensive repairs at this point, new roof, new siding, carpet replaced and plumbing issues.  I didn't have the funds or the desire to tackle everything it needed to put it up  "for sale" with a real estate agent.   Patriot REI came in and made me a very fair offer for my home just the way it was.  I did not have to endure showings and the "clean up" every time a showing was scheduled.  I didn't have to paint, fix or negotiate.  We closed in 2 weeks, and we could have closed sooner if my schedule would have accommodated.  Patriot REI also let us stay in the our home for an additional 2 weeks so my kids could finish out school in our school district.  I was very happy with the whole transaction, the money I received and it let me walk away from a mess I was not equipped to handle.  I hope I'm not in this situation again, but if I was, I would call Patriot REI.." 

AJ Smith

"We were renting a home and had been there on a long term basis.  Our landlord, for financial reasons, needed to sell the rental.  We applied for a mortgage, but was not approved to buy the home we were in.  We called Patriot REI regarding a home they had for sale.  After looking at it, the home was not an option.  Patriot asked us what we were specifically looking for in our permanent home.  Thereafter, Patriot went out, found a home, purchased it, did some basic remodel work and sold it to us on Land Contract.  I know this is not what their typical line of business is, but they jumped in and made it happen.  We are on the path of home ownership and had a great experience with Patriot"

Jackie L.

My mother had passed away and we were dealing with her home in Michigan, while we live in Florida.   The house was filled with 40 years of 'stuff' that I didn't know what to do with.  My sister and I went through the house and gathered pictures, momentos and the personal items we wanted to keep. The remainder we left in the house.  We contacted Patriot after a Michigan friend referred them.  Patriot REI did a quick walk through, and made us an offer on the house.  After consulting with our immediate family involved in the ownership of the house, we happily accepted the offer.  We were able to walk away from a home that was terribly out dated, needed repairs  plus weeks & weeks of work/organization that we did not have time to contribute to it.   My family was very happy with the transaction, we closed quickly with no closing costs and our headache turned into a blessing.  I'm happy to provide this testimonial and hope it helps others in their decision!" 


Boucher Project  Before and After

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